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1:1 Immersion—Remembering Your Brilliance


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The Quick Hits...

Did you know limiting beliefs and core wounds are energies that sabotage your life?


By clearing these energies out of your field, you will begin deep, internal transformational healing.

Robyn uses holistic methods. They include Neo-Shamanism, energy protocols, DNA codes, and plant remedies. These methods clear your mental and emotional blockages. 

Robyn provides practical tools and strategies. She helps you create, and keep, healthy boundaries in all parts of your life.

Robyn's 1:1 Immersion program gets you the results you've been looking for! 

You Will Experience:

  • Clearing deep limiting beliefs, patterns and core wounds

  • Energetic and spiritual hygiene skills

  • Restructure chakras and organs

  • Nervous system recalibration 

  • Introduction to Robyn’s Platform of Wellbeing

  • Guidance and integration practices for boundary setting

  • Exercises and worksheets

  • Daily practices for life transformation 

  • Recipes for natural plant remedies 

  • Audio recording synopsis of each session

  • Recorded meditations

  • Imprinted pattern clearing protocol audios

  • 15 minute mini clearings (6 total)


The Details:

Program Duration 

Program Delivery 

Material Provided


12 Sessions—1.5 hours/session

Remotely via Zoom or in-person*

Worksheets, practices and exercises.

Book a Discovery Call to customize your program.

*Sessions can be recorded and sent to you weekly

What’s Included...

Personalized Program — Crafted for You

Through a discovery call, I learn about your unique situation and start to understand the core issues currently blocking your path forward. During our time together, we will work to clear the protections you have built up over time and increase your vibrational field to improve and elevate what you are attracting in your life. 

Live (Zoom or in-person) — Weekly 1.5 hour 1:1 Sessions
Private sessions are held weekly to guide you through your journey. Sessions allow you to learn and practice in a safe and comfortable setting. You are encouraged to review, practice or reflect through journaling between sessions for optimum results. An audio recorded synopsis is given following each session.

Supportive Materials 
Customized materials including handouts, journal exercises and downloads for personal practice.


Natural Remedies
Enjoy high quality, organic body products & natural remedies handmade by Robyn. Blends are uniquely made and selected for you to provide support in your healing journey. 


1:1 Guidance & Support
Between sessions, keep in touch with Robyn through Voxer, where you can check-in, ask questions and stay connected as you navigate through the shifts that will come through our work together. 


About Robyn

Robyn Wyman is a Neo Shamanic Practitioner/Mentor, Holistic Healer and Bestselling Author.


Through 1:1 sessions and Sacred Circles, she teaches tools and strategies to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in all aspects of people's lives. Robyn uses a variety of healing modalities to promote wellbeing through private coaching, mentorship programs, Sacred Circles & ceremonies, nature workshops and meditations.

Her methods are innovative, leaving her clients with lasting results. For more information, book a complimentary discovery session.

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