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Work With Robyn

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Group Offerings

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Coming soon. Join the waitlist below 

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Nurture and remember your divine feminine self


A 4-week series
May 19 to June 9

1:1 Sessions with Robyn

The Next Level
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Womb Wisdom

Personalized womb healing and practices with Robyn

  • Clear trauma from your womb space

  • Restructure your 2nd chakra and womb

  • Imprinted program clearing

  • Channel the power of the Divine Mother

  • Fill your womb with unconditional love


The Next Level

1:1 Neo-Shamanic Healing with Robyn

  • 6 month immersion program

  • Clear deep limiting beliefs, patterns and core wounds

  • Learn practical tools & strategies

  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries

  • Sessions held virtually and/or in-person


Upcoming Courses

Awakening the Rose

Develop an intimate and authentic relationship with yourself.  When you focus on healing yourself, it will ripple out to all the relationships around you.

We will explore:

  • Anchoring into your Core Values

  • Grounding into Self Love

  • Identifying and Honouring your Energetic Boundaries

  • Connecting to your Sensuality as your Lifestyle! 

Upcoming Events

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“I came to see Robyn after my brother passed away suddenly. I was shocked and going through the usual emotions of losing a loved one. Robyn showed great caring and understanding and helped me to feel supported by listening, applying Natural Healing techniques and determining what I needed at that time. I think anyone could benefit from what she has to offer.”​


—  Marie Chang

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