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Robyn Wyman

The Calm Village

Neo-Shamanic Healing + Mentorship
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Are you grounded?

A gift of peace & wellbeing.


In this Meditation for Physical Wellbeing you will learn how to ground yourself, find your centre and experience the peace that comes with connection to your physical body.


Meet Robyn

Robyn has trained holistically and travelled the world learning from Shamans, Gurus and Healing Masters. She incorporates their teachings along with her own philosophies to create her transformational method, The Platform of Wellbeing.


Are you ready to become aligned and reach your next level? Robyn provides results that are fast,  measurable and provide you the knowledge and practice to continue to build from.


Robyn always says, "truly knowing yourself moves you into a vibration of joy and happiness because you are living your best life." By learning to build your own Platform of Wellbeing, your best life will be awakened and brought into reality. 

To speak with Robyn further about her services or how she can support you, book a Complimentary Discovery Call today.

Work 1:1 With Robyn

1:1 Transformational Coaching & Healing

I offer 1:1 in person and remote coaching and healing sessions where I work with you to clear limiting

patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck from living the life you desire and deserve.

As you release old patterns you align and embody your new way of being. 
My unique transformation method will change your life immediately and forever!

Book a Discovery Session and together we can create a program that supports you.

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The Platform of Wellbeing

Align your body... Align your life.

You are made up of a mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric and causal body. All these bodies weave together and are interconnected, as we are multi-dimensional.

In our work with the Platform of Wellbeing, we look at all bodies that make up your experience.


It is when all of our bodies are balanced that we feel secure, calm and begin to truly thrive in this life.

Learn from Robyn

From recipes to articles to podcasts.

Robyn has spent many phases of her life seeking truth and peace. Hear her stories, learn the wisdom she has uncovered and receive some tangible practices along the way! 

The Calm Village blog is filled with articles exploring The Platform of Wellbeing, your bodies, nature and the day-to-day challenges and gifts of life. 

Let Robyn's soothing mama bird honesty run through and heal you with her gifts of peace and divine wisdom.

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Lavender Fields
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“Robyn has very soothing energy and it has been very easy for me to open up to her. She puts you at ease in the first moments of meeting her. She is a pleasure to work with..”​


—  Valri Cunningham


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