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Robyn's Platform of Wellbeing

6 Bodies of Alignment, Wellness & Joy

You are made up of a mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric and causal body. All these bodies weave together and are interconnected, as we are multi-dimensional.

As you work with Robyn on your Platform of Wellbeing, you will look at all bodies that make up your experience.


It is when all of our bodies are balanced that we feel secure, calm and begin to truly thrive in this life.


Physical Body

Your temple and vehicle in life expressing your current manifestations.

The body is your temple and vehicle in life. All the systems of the body work together to keep you in a state of balance. The wisdom of the body is vast and it is always through your senses. You are responsible to care for your body by nourishing it with food and water, exercise and sleep.

Mental Body

Your thoughts and mental processes creating your lived reality.

This body is associated with thoughts and mental processes that create your reality. They are electric and stimulate chemical reactions throughout your body. Habitual thoughts become very powerful and affect your life. Your responsibility is to master your thoughts so that you can move out of reaction and into the flow of life.


Emotional Body

Your feelings are a frequency of vibration that guide your life.

You are an emotional being and your feelings guide your experience in life. They are magnetic and create a vibration that you feel in the body. Clear and highly energized feelings such as love, excitement and joy raise your vibration, whereas fear, sadness and anger are heavier and lower your vibration.

Spiritual Body

Your energetic being that is always connected to the divine.

You are a spirit being having a physical experience and you are always connected to the divine. By awakening, you will begin to know thyself and the brilliance that is you. Your responsibility is to align with, and embody this connection and allow it to guide you in your life.


Etheric Body

Your aura or energy field sending and receiving information.

Also called the aura or human energy field. This body consists of an energy matrix which the physical body is shaped and anchored to. It is the blueprint or mirror form of the physical body. Energies move through your etheric body first and then step down into the physical body.

Causal Body

Your memory codes and wisdom drawn from past lives.

This body provides the memory codes of who you are from the perspective of Soul Spirit. You are a Christed Being operating within a physical body. These memory codes hold the experiences and wisdom that you gained from past lives. As you evolve you can access these codes and draw them into this present moment.

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