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Shared Experiences

Jackie Reid

"Robyn took my life to the next level... and it only took two hours. This woman is incredible. She will change you forever, in a very positive way."

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ConnecTra Society


“When our virtual program ConnecTogether launched as a response to COVID-19 our goal was to ensure that our people with disabilities would have a means to socially engage during such unprecedented and uncertain times. We also knew it was important to provide some stability. Community members have shared with us that Robyn’s weekly online meditation series have quieted their minds, opened their hearts and that they leave each session feeling more centred and grateful.  We are honoured to have Robyn and appreciate her contribution to ConnecTogether.”

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Karen McGregeor

—  Speaker Success Formula

"Robyn Wyman is a powerful speaker and draws people in with her depth of wisdom and presence. As a speaker trainer, I have observed few people who have the capacity to be so heart-centred and at the same time absolutely engaging on stage. Robyn has a rare combination of mastery as a topic expert (in the area of grief), as well as a powerful storyteller and connector. I highly recommend Robyn as a speaker at your next event."

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Leanne Labadie

“Robyn’s healing energy is warm, grounded and nurturing. She has an angelic nature about her. I am grateful for her wisdom and awareness. She is a gifted healer.”​

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Nicole Seeger

“Robyn has a true gift helping people with her plant medicine wisdom. Her rich experience, education, practical and intuitive understanding of what is needed when is unparalleled. She has been a wealth of wisdom when it comes to applying her vast knowledge for our general emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.”​


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Susan Wright

“Robyn has helped me gain insight, wisdom, and profound healing through a very difficult time in my life. After losing both my parents in a short period of time, I was seeking information and guidance to navigate unresolved feelings rooted in trauma. She is an amazing resource of knowledge, and her unique abilities have been invaluable to me. Thank you Robyn.”​

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Nina Heikkila

—  Spiritual Success Coach

“Robyn is an engaging speaker who delivers a passionate and heartfelt talk that deeply connects with the audience. She clearly demonstrates her expertise on the subject as she gently talks about the delicate matter of anxiety and overwhelm. I would absolutely recommend Robyn for your speaking event.”

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Cindy Fraser

—  Fraser Bookkeeping

"I have attended two workshops led by Robyn and found both to be educational and fun. She is passionate about natural healing and this was evident during the workshops. She educated us on specific essential oils that would support our physical, mental, and emotional health. We also learned about safety and proper dilutions. During one workshop we created our own natural products with guidance from Robyn. I enjoyed her workshop and that she showed me how easy and fun it is to use natural remedies to support my health."

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Diane Hume

—  Dream Receivers Coaching

"Robyn has a very gentle approach with deep compassion and sincerity. She speaks in a way that is enlightening and loving. I recommend Robyn as your speaker. You can fully trust her to be reliable and caring for you and your audience. If you are planning to attend her speech, come as a guest or have her on your show, I promise you that you will get full value and an abundant amount of knowledge techniques that will put you on a journey to wellbeing and healing. Robyn will walk and support you through the path of your journey of healing every step of the way."

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Melissa Faye Reid_BW.jpg

Melissa Faye Reid

"Robyn has made me different herbal remedies to ingest and use topically for my skin condition of psoriasis. She is always patient which has allowed me to have more patience in allowing myself to heal. She has taught me that emotional stress can have ill effects on my body, so I have started to shift my thinking - looking at psoriasis as a blessing rather than a disease. I came to her with a severe case and she dealt with my initial trauma in a calm, professional and nurturing manner. I highly recommend all of Robyn’s treatments and products."

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Trudy Jakobsen

“Robyn’s honesty and integrity shows in all endeavours she pursues. She has a gift of imparting her knowledge to others, showing a more natural and healthy way of living by using and making products that are not harmful to our bodies or the environment. A natural born healer of mind, body, and spirit.”

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Adrian Starks_BW.png

Adrian Starks

—  CEO, Champion Up

"After hearing Robyn speak, I was enamoured with a feeling of hope. Her energy is soothing and reassuring, empowering the individual. She truly provides wisdom, understanding, courage and strength for the individual to carry on. Robyn didn’t just talk about her subject matter but provided some unique key action steps that could help one start to take action and move through transitional and challenging moments. You can’t lose or get lost with Robyn on your side guiding you along your journey."

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Valri Cunningham

Robyn is a very powerful and passionate speaker who is able to discuss challenging topics with grace. Robyn’s story took me on a journey where I felt like I could taste and smell and see what she was describing. I felt very looked after in her presence, she has a motherly energy that is very calming and soothing. Robyn has a wealth of wisdom which she shares openly and honestly with you.

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Marie Chang

“I came to see Robyn after my brother passed away suddenly. I was shocked and going through the usual emotions of losing a loved one. Robyn showed great caring and understanding and helped me to feel supported by listening, applying Natural Healing techniques and determining what I needed at that time. I think anyone could benefit from what she has to offer.”​

Kathryn Wilking

—  President, City Stagers Group

Kathryn Wilking_BW.png

“I chose Robyn Wyman to speak to the City Stagers Group as I book both business activities and personal growth events to bring a ‘well rounded’ intention to the group. Robyn presents herself as a calm, healthy, well-grounded individual, passionate about personal health. Robyn has a passion for holistic health - especially essential oils - which she loves to share! She shared how natural, effective, and easy they are to use, saving time and stress on one’s body. 


Robyn’s presentation style was quite relaxed as she pulled us together to learn more facts and benefits of familiarizing oneself with these products. It was great that she brought a number of products along to experience the ‘sniff test’ and popular items to purchase.”​

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