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1:1 Womb Wisdom


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Embrace Your Divine Feminine Power

The Quick Hits...

Are you seeking healing for sexual, physical, and emotional trauma?

Work with Robyn to reconnect, and surrender, to the power and wisdom of your womb. 

Learn what's masculine energy vs feminine energy, and how to balance them within yourself. 

Rewrite your birth story by clearing energies and emotions that you absorbed from your mother when she was pregnant with you.

These sessions are designed to release any stuck energetic and emotional blockages from your 2nd chakra and womb space. 

You Will Experience:

  • Clearing trauma from your womb space

  • Restructuring your 2nd chakra and womb 

  • Imprinted program clearing 

  • Neoshamanic Quantum healing 

  • Channelling the power of the Divine Mother

  • Filling womb with unconditional love 

  • Connecting to your intuition and creative power 

  • Healing the mother wound

  • Sacred oils that heal and support your womb

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The Details:

Program Duration 

Program Delivery 

Material Provided


1.5 hours per session for 12 Sessions

Remotely via Zoom or in-person*

Worksheets, practices and exercises.

Book a Discovery Call to customize your program.

*Sessions can be recorded and sent to you weekly

What’s Included...

Womb Clearing

Experience the power of Neoshamanic Quantum healing releasing unwanted trauma, limiting beliefs, and distorted patterns trapped in your womb. Your womb is the Holy Grail and embodiment of your Divine Feminine Creative Power. That which is released, is filled with unconditional love. 

Sacred Feminine Connection
Awaken to the power of woman—universe incarnate. These 1:1 sessions are designed to help you nurture, and remember, your Goddess nature. Together we shed light on what has been hidden for so long—our Divine Feminine essence.

Womb Talk

Period pains, pregnancy, menopause, miscarriages, abortions—we talk about it all. Robyn creates a sacred, ceremonial container in unconditional love to provide a safe space for you to share your stories and experiences. When we come together to heal—magic happens!

Natural Remedies
Enjoy high quality, organic body products & natural remedies handmade by Robyn. Blends are uniquely made and selected for you to provide support in your healing journey. 

1:1 Guidance & Support

Between sessions, keep in touch with Robyn through Voxer, where you can check-in, ask questions and stay connected as you navigate through the shifts that will come through our work together. 

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“Cultivating a relationship with your feminine essence makes fragrant the river of love between you, your loved ones and life itself.”

- Minke De Vos


About Robyn

Robyn Wyman is a Neo Shamanic Practitioner/Mentor, Holistic Healer and Bestselling Author.


Through 1:1 sessions and Sacred Circles, she teaches tools and strategies to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in all aspects of people's lives. Robyn uses a variety of healing modalities to promote wellbeing through private coaching, mentorship programs, Sacred Circles & ceremonies, nature workshops and meditations.

Her methods are innovative, leaving her clients with lasting results. For more information, book a complimentary discovery session.

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