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Energies Entering our Bodies & the Earth

Over ten years ago, a friend and I created two videos aimed to capture the energies that are entering the planet. These energies are known as solar mass ejections coming through the portal of the sun, affecting the earth and humanity. One might say that they have been the catalysts for major global shifts over the last decades.

These energies enter the earth and us. Basically humanity and the earth are getting a massive upgrade, whether we want it or not. The energies captured in the videos below can help explain what is going on, and why it’s happening. We sense something is "wrong" but can't put our finger on it. Massive changes are happening.

Are you questioning the rhetoric? Many are struggling with emotional and mental health and aren't being supported. Some thoughts and emotions that may be surfacing for you are:

  • Feeling triggered and not sure why

  • Finding personal relationships challenging

  • Having health challenges

  • Noticing the extreme weather changes

  • Questioning what’s going on with the all the systems (healthcare, financial, political, economical, and educational etc.)

These videos were made ten years ago, but are as relevant today as they were then, and in fact, I believe even more so. I invite you to watch them and I would love your comments.


Through my own personal journey and helping countless other people, I have developed my signature Platform for Wellbeing, a proven holistic path for moving through transitions with ease and reaching a balanced and happy life gracefully. If you need support during this process from someone who’s been there and come out the other side, reach out to me for a (no obligation) Discovery Session. I am here to support you.

For other inquiries, please feel free to connect with me here.

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