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We Are Energy

Did you know that every cell in our body vibrates and our cells vibrate at different frequencies? For instance, the cells in our liver will vibrate at a different frequency than the cells in our heart. This is true for every organ, muscle and system in our body. We truly are a masterpiece.

One of the first things I tell my clients is that we are more than our physical bodies. Everything is energy, from the trees to the rocks—the table I’m sitting at and the computer I am typing on. You too are energy, vibrating at a certain frequency. Sometimes we are vibrating high (happy) and sometimes we are vibrating low (sad). We also have mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that vibrate at different frequencies too. Personally, I find this so fascinating!

As energetic beings, we need to learn how to maintain our vibration when we are struggling in our lives. When our vibration drops, most of us don’t know how to bring it back up again. By establishing and setting personal boundaries, we can maintain our vibration with daily practices including meditating and grounding.

Many of my clients struggle with setting personal boundaries in all aspects of their lives. Sometimes in our personal and professional lives, we can feeling guilty or insecure about putting our needs first. We must learn to balance our needs with the needs of others.

So many of us lack personal boundaries and don't even know it. Most of us don't understand what a personal boundary looks or feels like. Lack of boundaries can lead us down rabbit holes that we don't know how to get out of. We can feel taken advantage of, angry, annoyed, frustrated, sad or apathetic. These emotions don't negate love—they are indicating that personal boundaries have been crossed!

These feelings are bubbling to the surface for a reason and need to be expressed. Rather than reaching a boiling point, remember that these emotions are a frequency or vibration and can guide us to the deeper issue. Most of the time we are not angry at others, but ourselves for not putting our needs first.

I've been there. I would put everyone else's needs before my own. I realized this was not a sustainable way to live. I started to pay attention to what I was thinking and feeling and understood that this was the gateway into learning about what my boundaries are.

Throughout the journey of discovering my boundaries—and it is a journey—I discovered the world of natural remedies such as herbs, essential oils and plant medicine. From there I began a yoga practice and started to meditate (often on my walks). It was during these practices that I would observe what was going on in my body and noticing how my energy was flowing.

I began to ask questions like, this essential oil making me feel better? Did that herbal tea I had before bed last night help me sleep? How much water did I drink today? Was it enough? What did I get upset about today? Was it worth it?

I became curious about myself and that changed everything. I studied these modalities and used them on my kids when they didn’t feel well or when I could tell they were having a rough day. I learnt about what being grounded actually was, how to hold my space and clear people out of it. It was empowering for me and little by little I climbed out of the rabbit hole and found my way.


Through my personal journey, I have found a road to deep healing using holistic modalities including Neo-shamanism, plant remedies, energetic protocols, codes and meditation. I teach others the same tools and strategies so they can establish, and maintain, healthy boundaries. I offer 1:1 sessions where together, we work through unhealed core wounds, often developed during childhood, and energetically clear them. Clearing mental and emotional blockages provides a pathway to healing, inner wisdom, and life transformation. Work with me and take your life to the next level! Feel free to connect with me here for a Discovery Session.


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