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Develop Your Platform of Wellbeing

With the business of our lives, many people can feel stressed and overwhelmed. People may be struggling at work or in their relationships and are unsure about the future. For example, let’s say someone is struggling at work. They aren’t happy in their job and want to leave, but have no idea what to do. They feel trapped. Physically they aren’t sleeping and often have an upset stomach. When we are sleep deprived we aren’t focused, and this can have a huge impact on our work. Emotionally they can feel frustrated and may even be feeling sorry for themselves because they feel this is being done to them. They are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do.

So what's really happening? Their vibration is dropping and they don’t know how to bring it up. This is what I call ‘Going down the rabbit hole.’ They may look to alcohol, drugs, food, internet, or binge watch Netflix. These escapes compound the problem and never help them find the solution. Spiritually, they may be getting messages (because we always are) but because they are out of balance, they can’t hear them.

Being balanced is the key. Our bodies are always checking in with each other and if something is out of balance the body will try to bring us back into balance. This is called homeostasis. This is going on all the time and we only become aware of it when we are injured or in crisis.

If one was able to realize they are out of balance, they could start physically looking at ways to feel healthier and stronger. Perhaps they could start to walk for 30 minutes everyday to move their body and push through stagnant energy. Mentally they would want to start observing their thoughts and emotions. Awareness is 80% of the solution because then you can begin to shift from a negative mindset to a positive one.

Maybe they focus on activities that get them out of their minds and into their body. Being in the body is so important to living a balanced life. Spiritually they could begin to quiet themselves daily starting with 30 seconds. They could start meditating and praying. Prayer is asking and meditation is listening to a higher power. Again, balance is the key. It is about finding balance in all the bodies and in my opinion, finding holistic ways to support yourself to come back into balance.

Years ago, when I was struggling in my grief, I realized that my health is my responsibility. Since then I developed a practice which has evolved over the years. I teach this to others because I believe it is essential to our lives today—I call it Platform of Wellbeing. It focuses on the components of wellness.

W are much more than our physical body. We also have a mental, emotional, spiritual, and an etheric body. All these bodies weave together and are connected together—they are you. Think about a chair that has four legs. Let's say that one leg is your physical body, one leg is your mental body, one leg is your emotional body and one leg is your spiritual body. What if one of the legs is shorter than all the others, will the chair be able to stand? What if two legs are the same length and two legs are different lengths, will the chair stand? What if one leg is missing, will the chair stand? Again, we are back to how balance is key. All aspects of our bodies need to be balanced so we can be secure and thrive in this life.

These are just a few ideas for you to think about. Establishing your “Platform of Wellbeing” is a practice that you will use for the rest of your life. As you can see, it is never just one thing that causes imbalance. We are very complex beings and one must look at all aspects of self. As you do this, you will begin your practice and establish your “Platform of Wellbeing.” Once established, you will notice when you are out of balance and know how to support yourself to get back into balance.


Through my own personal journey and helping countless other people, I have developed my signature Platform for Wellbeing, a proven holistic path for moving through transitions with ease and reaching a balanced and happy life gracefully. If you need support in your life and don’t know where to start, reach out for a no obligation Discovery Session. I am here to support you.

For other inquiries, please feel free to connect with me here.


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