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I wrote about Anxiety in my last blog, but felt there is more to say so I decided to write more.

First I want to share some experiences that I have personally had struggling with Anxiety. There have been many times in my life when I have felt or do feel anxious. I still get anxious when I'm speaking in front of a group or traveling by myself. In the past I suffered from intense anxiety when my sister, Auntie, Mom, and Dad died. There were times when I felt that an elephant was sitting on my chest and I didn’t know what was going on. I have felt anxious in jobs where I wasn't happy, and with relationships that drained me. I believe that we all suffer from anxiety at different times in our life and sometimes it is more intense than others.

After the deaths of my family I knew deep in my core that I was responsible for my own health. Because of what my family had been through I knew that the traditional medical model was not for me so I explored the holistic field and choose modalities that resonated with me. In general I’m all about prevention, reducing stress and achieving my “Platform of Well-being.” The components of my Platform are my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

This week I’m sharing three additional holistic modalities from my toolbox. The first is a beautiful Mudra I was taught many years ago and that I share with my clients to relieve emotions such as Anxiety. I was taught this Mudra by my Kundalini Yoga teacher Marie Chang.

Mudras are defined as symbolic or ritual gestures in Hinduism and Buddhism. Most are performed with the hands and fingers. Regular practice of Mudras can decrease and even eliminate psychological disorders like anger, depression, stress and Anxiety.

I have used this Mudra and breath work more times than I can count since the day I was taught it. Within four to five cycles of breath, I can feel my body relaxing and a sense of calm washing over me. This is so easy to do and can be done anywhere. Believe me I have done it on planes, in the jungle in Peru, and in bathrooms to name a few places!

Oh yeah, my favourite is at night when my mind loops in a repetitive thought. I love it for that one because it works! My hope is that this Mudra may give you a tool to bring you back into a calm balanced state.

Here are the steps to practice the Mudra and some visual aids.

  1. Bring your hands together until your fingertips touch. Spread your fingers comfortably.

  2. Turn you thumbs so they are facing your heart / heart chakra.

  3. Hold this position and pulse your fingers together very gentling.

This is a practice and it may take some time to notice what you are feeling. I encourage you to do this exercise daily and/or whenever you feel anxious—it only takes a few minutes. It takes 21 days to form a habit, so commit to yourself and watch what happens.

I will be sharing two more of my tools/techniques that I love to use to help with anxiety later this week. My hope is that one or all of the tools will help you. Give them a try and then notice what happens. You are the master of yourself so take ownership in your healing.


Through my personal journey, I have found a road to deep healing using holistic modalities including Neo-shamanism, plant remedies, energetic protocols, codes and meditation. I teach others the same tools and strategies so they can establish, and maintain, healthy boundaries. I offer 1:1 sessions where together, we work through unhealed core wounds, often developed during childhood, and energetically clear them. Clearing mental and emotional blockages provides a pathway to healing, inner wisdom, and life transformation. Work with me and take your life to the next level! Feel free to connect with me here for a Discovery Session.


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