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There are two herbs that can support your baby when they are suffering from teething. They are Catmint and Chamomile. Yes, you heard me. Catmint is the same plant that makes cats go loopy and tear around your house! Chamomile is the tea that Peter Rabbit drank to settle his upset tummy. These plants are nervines which means that they can bring relief and naturally soothe your baby’s sore inflamed gums. They are also gentle on the baby’s system which is why they are recommended.

There is no set time, but babies usually will start teething around six months and between the ages of two and three they will have all their baby teeth. You know that your baby is teething when they start to chew on their hands, drool, and try to put objects in their mouth to chew on.

Teething can be painful and many babies will have symptoms such as:

• Inflamed gums • Painful gums • Bright red cheeks • Drooling • Runny stools or constipation • Runny nose • Rashes • Fever

Some babies suffer more than others and often they will be fussy, cry, and are just unhappy. Sleepless nights are common when the baby is teething causing a cranky baby and exhausted parents. It can be extremely frustrating for everyone as no parent wants to see their child in pain. Often doctors will recommend Baby Tylenol to bring relief and suggest to use it as required.

However, there are great natural remedies which can be used instead. Herbal tea infusions have been used for eons and they are the basis of what we know as modern Western medicine. Infusions are easy to make and are a natural way to bring relief. You can make infusions with fresh or dried herbs.

There are different ways to use the tea/infusion. You can add 1/4 cup of the tea/infusion to a bottle containing water and let the baby drink it. You can rub the tea/infusion directly onto the baby’s gums. You can dip or soak a washcloth into the tea/infusion and then freeze it. After it is frozen, you can let your baby chew on the washcloth.

If you are nursing, you can drink the tea/infusion as well. As mentioned before, these herbs are a nervine (calms the nerves) and will reduce your stress as well as the baby’s pain. As you nurse, you both will be getting the benefit of the tea/infusion and will have a good night’s sleep. There is always a natural remedy for every minor ailment that your baby is experiencing. This tea/infusion is easy to make, inexpensive, and empowers you as a parent.


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