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Nurture Yourself With Lavender

Everywhere I look I see lavender blooming and it brings a smile to my face.

Lavender is one of the most amazing plants that I have ever worked with. I love it so much that I created an Agri-Tourism and Wellness Centre that featured Lavender! This was such an incredible experience and one which I am so grateful for because I learned so much about myself. Lavender is definitely my plant ally and it can be yours too. It has so many properties and has become a well-known, popular herb.

One of the most beautiful aspects of this herb and essential oil is that it nurtures the mind, emotions, body and spirit. Lavender essential oil is known as the “UNIVERSAL OIL” because of its versatility. It has been used in healing for centuries; its scent is familiar to almost everyone. Lavender is having a resurgence in popularity.

At my centre I grew 2.5 acres of lavender which I used to educate the public through tours and used the plants themselves to create products. I put lavender in so many things, lavender lemonade, teas, jelly, honey and even ice cream! Often people would say, "lavender in food—yuck!" but the key is to not use very much.

My favourite way to use lavender is in aromatherapy. I created a collection of bath and body products and sold them throughout Vancouver and at the boutique shop at our centre. I also shared with many how to use this amazing plant to support and nurture every part of themselves.

Actions of Lavender

Lavender is analgesic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, deodorant, diuretic, hypotensive, insecticide, nervine, parasiticide, sedative, stimulant, tonic, immune stimulant and cell regenerator.

Lavender is ideal for all the body’s systems because provides physical and emotional support.

Lavender Physically...

  • Calms inflamed skin and insect bites

  • Is effective for healing burns

  • Stimulates cellular growth

  • Relieves cramps and indigestion

  • Relieves muscle aches and pain

  • Relieves PMS and menopausal symptoms

  • Balances the body

Lavender Emotionally...

  • Is uplifting and soothing

  • Nurtures the mind and emotions

  • Is a sedative

  • Brings relief from depression

  • Calms nerves

  • Is helpful for insomnia and headaches

  • Alleviates stress, anxiety and tension

  • Balances and normalizes the mind


Avoid in the first trimester of pregnancy and if you have low blood pressure. You may become sensitized with over use.

Below is a Blends Card that I created to share a few recipes that you can make using Lavender Essential Oil.

Lavender is truly a gift and can support you in so many ways. It is a staple in my First Aid Kit. In my opinion every household should have a bottle of Lavender Essential Oil. Give it a try and see for yourself.


Through my personal journey, I have found a road to deep healing using holistic modalities including Neo-shamanism, plant remedies, energetic protocols, codes and meditation. I teach others the same tools and strategies so they can establish, and maintain, healthy boundaries. I offer 1:1 sessions where together, we work through unhealed core wounds, often developed during childhood, and energetically clear them. Clearing mental and emotional blockages provides a pathway to healing, inner wisdom, and life transformation. Work with me and take your life to the next level! Feel free to connect with me here for a Discovery Session.


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