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The Blocked Garden Hose

The energies have been challenging lately because there are many streams of light entering the planet and humanity. As the light enters, it flows throughout our aura and body and moves into the shadow aspect of our being. The shadows are our unresolved thoughts/ emotions, patterns and beliefs that we haven’t dealt with throughout this life.

The Garden Hose Analogy Think of a garden hose that has dirt and debris stuck in it. When you turn on the water, the flow is blocked, but the water keeps pushing on the blockage until it is dislodged, and then the water flows in a constant stream. Your body is experiencing the same thing. As light moves through, it pushes all your debris (unresolved thoughts and emotions) to the surface that are trying to stay stuck.

This is because as children we develop core wounds that can turn into negative patterns that manifest throughout our lives. These wounds can be linked to limiting beliefs we carry as adults that sound like, I'm not good enough, I don't deserved to be loved, and why me, etc.

Limiting beliefs can affect our personal boundaries around work, relationships, finances, and emotions. Many of us struggle with how and when to set boundaries especially around people we love and admire. Having firm personally boundaries doesn't negate love, it is actually very self-loving.

By learning how to have healthy boundaries in all aspects of our lives, we can face our unresolved patterns and limiting beliefs from a grounded perspective. We can see where in our lives we are stuck and how to move through it gracefully.

As energies become more and more intense, personal boundaries are a must. Don't wait for your garden hose to blow! Be intentional with boundary setting and soon life will flow like an endless stream.


Through my personal journey, I have found that nature is one of the best tools for self discovery, healing, and balance. I have developed a series called the Wisdom of Nature where together we learn about forest bathing, grounding, space holding, and the natural elements. Receive practical, nature-based knowledge in a group setting, while taking a break from the city hustle. For other inquiries please feel free to connect with me here.


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